Project Manager at a small, local, family owned solar installation company. We install solar and electric systems for commercial and residential clients. As a Project Manager, you will be in charge of handling customer paperwork, managing installation timelines, and working with different local organizations. You will work closely with Customer Service Representatives, who handle customer outreach and leads.

What You’ll Do

  • Receive customers and manage their cases

  • Schedule project installation and schedule changes with the customers

  • Coordinate filings, permits and solar inspections

  • Maintain and update project status and workflow with detailed notes for projects

  • Oversee all site, field, permit and service technicians and organization of necessary documents

  • Maintain excellent communication with our customers and keep them updated on their project status

  • Work with cities and energy providers to move customers through installation timeline

  • Fill paperwork, manage contracts, and produce invoices

  • Work with Installation Technicians to establish installation dates and provide required documentation

  • Work with Customer Service Representatives to provide them with updates on customer project status