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During the solar site assessment, we will determine the specifics of your site, perform a load analysis, and analyze your existing electrical service to determine your solar capability. We will then discuss your solar options, energy objectives, system costs, and other variables.

We design your system, take care of necessary permits and schedule your installation for you. Our work includes contacting the city to schedule an inspection and getting approval from your utility to power on.

The Process

How We Do It

Our approach to design takes inspiration from real homes and real architecture and our ultimate goal is to provide you a system that compliments the look and feel of your home.

We offer expansion designs for smaller systems and system upgrades to replace outdated equipment. We also offer system relocations.

If you have an existing roof-mounted solar system and need a new roof, we will remove your equipment and reinstall it on your new roof. We will meet with your architects, builders, and engineers to discuss the proper solar design and implementation of your solar equipment.

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