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Solar Batteries, Generators, and Electric Vehicle Stations

Keep the power on in emergencies and start making money by selling back to the grid.

Stay powered on with Solectric.

SunPower SunVault Storage

Store your excess energy for use at night, when electricity prices are at their highest. Sell your unused power at the best times for you.

By purchasing a solar battery, SunPower's advanced storage technology allows you to stay even more self-reliant.

Keep the power on during outages and secure your low electricity bills, especially ahead of Net Energy Metering 3.0.

SunVault SunPower Photo

Standby Generators

If you aren't quite ready for a battery backup, secure your home during outages with our high-performance Generac generators. 

When the power goes out, our generators will kick on automatically, powering your home with clean-burning natural gas.

Stay uninterrupted with a home standby generator.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Speed, safety and smart features you need to make home EV charging convenient, reliable & cost effective. With Juicebox you can enjoy a 9x faster charge, easy to use/install, intelligent WiFi control, and a convenient and stylish design.

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