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Solar System Design & Engineering

Electricity prices are rising, and you're paying the price. When our electric bills keep on climbing, we think back on the affordable days and start to feel the financial stress weighing on our wallets.

But you can say goodbye to outrageous utility bills with solar power. Slash your monthly expenses down to a fraction of the cost.


It's time to go green and save money with Northern California's trusted solar professional: Solectric.

Sunpower Installation
Sunpower Energy

Generators, Batteries, &
Charging Stations

Worried about losing power when you most need it? Want to capitalize on your savings by selling excess power back to the grid? Then it's time to start thinking about Solectric's solar power and electric vehicle accessories, before you miss out on more cash in your pocket.

Panel Cleaning & Troubleshooting

Stop letting your investment go to waste–dirty, poorly maintained panels decrease your energy production and shorten your system's lifespan. Have your panels maintained with Solectric's affordable solar panel cleaning and repair services.

Panel Cleaning
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