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& Troubleshooting

Don't compromise your savings. Keep your panels working at maximum efficiency and extend their lifespan with Solectric's community-loved customer service. Secure your spot on Solectric's support schedule.

Solectric Service
roof mounted solar system

Community Favorite

Solectric offers unparalleled customer service to every solar owner in the Sacramento region. Questions, maintenance, or otherwise–we want to help, and the community is clamoring for us.

Find support with Sacramento's best solar professionals. Expert knowledge and expert hands.

Panel Cleaning

Solar panels usually need little maintenance in order to perform at their maximum efficiency. The only maintenance they may need is cleaning in order to keep dirt, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris from halting the panels’ performance.

Schedule a panel cleaning here.

Solar Panel Cleaning
Pigeon Netting Photo

Pigeon Netting

Avoid birds using your panels for shelter More birds near your system can mean more droppings, reducing the effectiveness of your solar panels. 

Avoid birds and other pests by contacting

our team to safely and effectively guard your solar array!

Cracked Tile Replacement

Got broken tile? We got you. Call us for tile replacement to avoid leaks! 

Tile Replacement Solectric
Daniel Navarrete Solectric Electrical

Technical Support

Our talented, in-house electricians are ready to troubleshoot and help maintain your system in order to ensure continued optimal operation.

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