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California's Residential and Commercial Solar Company 

Bring your electric bill down to $0 with the system for you. Stay worry-free with professional service and quality installations. Let Solectric cater to your needs.

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Save Money with Solar

Your family is spending thousands a year renting electricity from utility providers. 

With Solectric's solar system expertise, you could be slashing your energy bill down to fractions of what it is now, securing bills as low as $0.

When you go with solar, you produce your own energy. Enjoy free power and sell back to the grid for extra cash in your pocket.

Solar Panel Installation

We are a SunPower Authorized Dealer


More Energy For Greater Savings


Panel Durability


Year Industry Leading Complete System Warranty

SunPower's Technology

Get the best solar panels on the market with SunPower's advanced photovoltaic technology!

  • Maximum durability

  • Peak efficiency 

  • Complete system warranty

Solectric's SkillS

Get your panels from professional installers for the most affordable, high-quality craftsmanship!

  • A hands-off process for you

  • Friendly, experienced in-house installers​

  • Quality the community trusts

Solectric System Design

Efficient Solar Designs

Work with professional designers to create a solar system customized to your home. 

Solectric makes full use of the most advanced artificial intelligence to plan your designs, generating accurate production estimates that takes every factor into account. We sprinkle a little human touch on top to create the most beautiful system for you.

Professional Solar Installations

Solectric's talented, in-house technicians pour their hearts into the job, giving your family the best service imaginable. We make sure to leave your place better than it was.

Say hello to convenient, clean installations with perfect attention to detail. See why Solectric earns five-star reviews on every platform. 

Solectric Solar Panel Installation
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